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McDonald's Is Using AI and Data to Optimize Its Supply Chain

Digital technology is helping industries become more efficient, effective, and better at serving their customers. With so many companies now embracing their digital transformations, those which don't are in danger of being left behind.

Here's How GSK and IBM Are Creating a Blockchain Supply Network

Blockchain has been a massive buzzword for a few years now. Thanks to the cryptocurrency boom, the technology which makes Bitcoin possible has been slowly finding its way into many other industries.

Here's How Johnson & Johnson Is Creating an Intelligent Supply Chain

The act of facilitating supply and demand is no mean feat. Things used to be slightly easier back in the day as companies would tend to favor geographically proximate suppliers from which to source goods and services.

Here's How BP Is Using Digital Technology to Create a More Environmentally-Friendly Supply Chain

Environmental issues have been hitting the headlines a great deal in recent years. As the effects of man-made climate change begin to be keenly felt across the globe - through more extreme weather, for example - there is a great need and desire for companies to find more environmentally-friendly ways of carrying out their business.